Quality 1:1 pairings for team bonding

On remote teams, it's hard to get to know the person behind the screen. nametag prompts you to learn about teammates from the first message.
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These days, we only see each other like this
when there's a lot more under the surface.
Pick a channel to start from. Every Friday, opted-in users get a list of people they direct messaged for the first time.

Schedule a 1:1 chat with 1-click.
View about me profiles to learn more about teammates' background and working style.

nametag provides free templates.

New joiners can get to know their colleagues easily and discover who they want to connect more with.
30 day free trial
The team plan starts at $30/month and includes up to 15 active users, weekly summary of new people messaged, integration with Google Calendar and Google Meet, and about me templates. Additional users cost $1/month.try it free